Eating Out is Just Easier…

So that whole thing about me trying to cook? I made a dip. It was good. That was it. Turns out I worked way too much these last few weeks to even want to think about cooking. I let the cooks in the hospital cafeteria worry about that. (The great thing about working night shift is that the hospital food is SOOOO much better at 1 in the morning).

Now I’m off to Seattle. I love it there. I may never come back… except I will because my dog is here. Perhaps after I return I will try that cooking thing again. Or maybe I’ll try that take out place that picks up food from your favorite restaurants and brings it to you. That sounds awesome too.

While we’re on the topic of food, I just want to say how delicious Five Guys burgers is. It’s delicious. So on our way to Seattle we are stopping in Salem for Five Guys, then we will be eating a lot of Five Guys in Seattle, and then maybe more on the way back.

Anyway, the moral of this whole post is that when I say I’m going to cook, I’m probably not going to cook.

Have a wonderful weekend.



About Katie

I love football, fashion, burritos, music, Star Wars, and shopping.
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