Blazer Magic!

I love reading fashion blogs. Actually, they don’t require much reading. It’s girls in their pretty outfits photographed in various places in their cities. I could never be a real live fashion blogger for many reasons.

1.) I don’t have the money to buy all of the clothes they have to buy!
2.) I could not be photographed somewhere in public because it makes me ridiculously self conscious and then I smile weird.

But occasionally I snatch up a piece that I think is worth a look. And this is one of them. I spoke of my beautiful lace blazer in my last post but this time I took some amateur webcam photos of it! They don’t look quite as amazing as they would if I was a real fashion blogger who wandered the city in crazy outfits while my sister photographed me with her fancy schmancy camera but you still get the gist of how awesome this blazer is. Seriously, I’m going to wear it with EVERYTHING this summer.

Hey! Where's my head??

I’m going to be wearing it with my romper this summer. That’s right, I bought a romper…. the ultimate crazy fashion person’s summer purchase. I never thought I’d do it but I tried it on and pictured it with this blazer and I HAD to have it. Plus it was only $10 from Target.

The blazer itself is from one of the online sample sale websites my mom and I love and was a gift from my wonderful mother.

I repaid her by pitching in to get her a kindle for her birthday… oh, so I heard. HAHA



About Katie

I love football, fashion, burritos, music, Star Wars, and shopping.
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