Shopping for Free!

An unusual thing happened today. I got the urge to shop (Those who know me know that this is not the unusual thing). I think it’s because I had credit at a store and bought something the other day and once you open the shopping floodgates, it’s hard to close them. Anyway, I planned on leaving for work early so I could go wander around a store and look at clothes. I would probably end up buying something but it wouldn’t be the end of the world… even though I’m trying to save money.

Well, instead I was lazy (this is not the unusual thing either) and decided to try a different approach to my shopping urges. I shopped in my own closet (unusual since I have NOTHING to wear). I always see it in the magazines “rethink the wardrobe you already have!” And I’d roll my eyes and say “but I already know what I have!”

Well, I was wrong. Turns out things I bought and never wear (hello, impulse buys!) actually look cute when paired with other things in my closet. I tried on a whole bunch of different outfits and no longer felt the need to go out and buy anything. Because, geez, do I have some cute stuff! My mother would be so proud!

I think I’ll be living in this black lace blazer (thanks, mom!) that I’ve been dying to wear when the weather gets nice. It just makes everything I own look fantastic. I also have a few dresses I’ll be busting out once I decide to shave my legs and apply some self tanner (so next summer, probably).

So the moral of this story is the fashion magazines are always right… and I love clothes.

Go invent a new outfit from your wardrobe… you’d be surprised at what you have.

I think I’ll go shopping tomorrow.


Once I own these my wardrobe will be complete!

And these........


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I love football, fashion, burritos, music, Star Wars, and shopping.
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