I’m Kind of a Big Deal

I don’t know if you all know this about me but I have a lot of famous friends. I thought you’d probably like to see the pictures since they’re awesome and all. And some of them have our stories included!

I know what you’re going to say, “But Katie, some of these look real and some of these look fake!”

Yes, I realize it appears that way, and while some are more fake than they are real, they’re all real. So… ponder that for awhile and then take a look.

First of all, here I am with the handsome Australian, Eric Bana.

Here I am with my husband, Josh Duhamel, after he left that man Fergie for me.

Here I am with my good friend, Mila Kunis, at the premiere of Black Swan! I did all of my own dancing!!

Here I am with my good friend, Natalie Portman, at the premiere of Black Swan!

Al Pacino and I. He kept telling me to stop calling him Michael Corleone but I wouldn't! I'm such a joker! Also, they say the camera adds 10 lbs, but as you can see here the camera also makes you look like you have Robert De Niro's body... how strange.

The Queen mum and I heading out for a spot of tea! We bonded over tiaras, my nickname "princess", and other royal stuff. I had my extra-large head on that day.

This one may be a bit scandalous, what with the royal wedding coming up and all, but this is me with Prince William. Rumor has it he likes Kates!

Here is me with Jared Leto. This one looks a little more realistic... I don't know why.

Now I’m close with all of these famous people above but my BFF is a man known as Hunter Burgan who plays the base for a band called AFI. And when I say we are BFFs, I mean it. Just look at the evidence!

This is his "We are BFFs!!!" face!

He and I are on the left. As you can see we are caught up in our own conversation... because we are BFFs.

And we are always chatting away on facebook!

So there you have it! Please, continue to treat me like a normal person. Just because I’m practically a celebrity myself doesn’t mean you need to ask me for my autograph or take pictures of me getting my nails done. Just make sure you don’t look me in the eyes, please.


About Katie

I love football, fashion, burritos, music, Star Wars, and shopping.
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One Response to I’m Kind of a Big Deal

  1. Bubbz says:

    you kill me Katie

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