Follow Up Post! I Never Follow Up On Anything!

As we all know, ladies need chocolate every once in awhile. My once in awhile is right now. I don’t eat a lot of chocolate. It gives me horrible headaches (it’s a cruel world) but sometimes you’re already in so much pain that it doesn’t matter. No, I didn’t drag you over here to hear me whine (you can hear me whine anywhere!).

I bring up chocolate because I found some Rolo’s in my school bag just now. It was absolute perfect timing since I needed chocolate, as previously stated. It was a baby package with 3 Rolo’s. I shoved them all in my mouth in about 5 seconds, not drawing it out and savoring them at all. What can I say? I’m kind of a pig.

Then I remembered how I was supposed to be gaining weight. So I wanted to do a follow up on my world-renowned Operation: Weight Gain post. (Delusions of grandeur!)

It’s been about six weeks since I posted that and I thought I’d come back and let you know how my efforts to gain weight/stop losing weight are going! So here goes:

I have no idea how it’s going. I haven’t weighed myself in 6 weeks.

So… that’s it! Thanks for caring!

(())  (())
( O o O )
One day fat bunny and I will have more in common than just our adorableness.

As a bonus, I offer new bunny art
(  -_- )
(“)__(“) Indifferent bunny

As always, it’s been a pleasure.



About Katie

I love football, fashion, burritos, music, Star Wars, and shopping.
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One Response to Follow Up Post! I Never Follow Up On Anything!

  1. juliedswearingen says:

    Maybe you should have lived with me and Kristen, instead of Haley. We could have fattened you up good. Although Haley does love her food. You skinny bitches make me crazy! Come see me in P-town soon. Cheers!

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