If Only I Could Make This Into a Career

I don’t know if you know this, but there are a lot of talented people in my family. Musicians, artists, ridiculously good looking people such as myself.

Here’s an example of the talent:

My sister is not only the beautiful subject of this photo, but she’s also responsible for making it look so darn awesome:

She has many more lovely pictures as well such as my favorite one ever of Bend


Then you have my cousin Shelly who takes beautiful photographs (that she also sells!) that you can view here.

Those are just a few examples of the artisticness (not a word) that runs in my family.

So it’s no surprise that I would be talented (as well as ridiculously good looking as pointed out before). I happen to consider myself the Interwebz Bunny Artist. It’s difficult work. Don’t try to recreate it because it won’t have half of the awesome that my bunnies have.

So without further ado (because I’m sure you’re DYING to see them) here are some of my bunny creations:

Dead bunny:
(  # # )
(“)_(“) so tragic

Happy bunny:
(  ^ ^ )

Fat bunny:
(())  (())
( O o O )

Sleepy bunny:
(  z  z  )

Angry bunny:
(  ><  )

And everyone’s favorite
( @ @ )

It’s okay to be jealous.




About Katie

I love football, fashion, burritos, music, Star Wars, and shopping.
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