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You Have Wings! Use Them!!

Birds freak me out. They’re always flying at my head, or staring at me weird, or hopping across the road really fast so I won’t run them over even though I’m sitting in my car screaming “YOU CAN FLY!!!” Sometimes … Continue reading

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Party of Two, Table for One

Sometimes I feel like there are two versions of me living in one body. Version 1 wants to live in a cute apartment downtown in a big city. She wants to work a lot in a fulfilling job that challenges … Continue reading

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Follow Up Post! I Never Follow Up On Anything!

As we all know, ladies need chocolate every once in awhile. My once in awhile is right now. I don’t eat a lot of chocolate. It gives me horrible headaches (it’s a cruel world) but sometimes you’re already in so … Continue reading

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If Only I Could Make This Into a Career

I don’t know if you know this, but there are a lot of talented people in my family. Musicians, artists, ridiculously good looking people such as myself. Here’s an example of the talent: My sister is not only the beautiful … Continue reading

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Back By Popular Demand (From My Mother…)

That title is a lie. My mom hasn’t demanded more postings at all. But if there’s anything I’m good at, it’s giving the people what they don’t know they want. In high school we had to take those aptitude tests … Continue reading

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