In An Attempt To Avoid Studying, I Will Write Things

I hate studying. Especially when it’s for a class that an illiterate monkey could pass. I swear, easy classes are NOT worth it. They’re so boring that I’d rather go mow the neighbor’s yard… and I’ve only used a lawn mower once!

So, here I am. I put my Ted Bundy book down for a few to write some things that are absolutely unimportant and not worthwhile. I recently went through a phase where I wasn’t reading books. I had read so much in the previous years that I could not even pick up another book. Then I realized it was because I was stuck in a chick-lit rut. Those are fun books but they have their place.

I’m so glad I broke out of it. I’m currently reading “The Stranger Beside Me” by Ann Rule; a fascinating book on Ted Bundy. She was his coworker for awhile and they became close. Then they lost contact and she began writing a book about these murders before ever realizing that Ted Bundy was the killer. Interesting stuff. I have a few more psychopathy/criminal behavior books that I’ve rented out from the library but I think I’ll take a break from that genre to read “Never Let Me Go” by Kazuo Ishiguro. I watched the movie last night. It was a beautiful and sad story but I feel like things were missing that the book would fill in.

In other news, I have to move away from Stayton/Corvallis. Why? Because I just discovered that there is no Banana Republic here. I’ve been applying to all kinds of retail jobs that will end up making me poorer than I would be if I didn’t have a job. I searched for Banana Republic thinking that if anyone is qualified to work there, it is me. The closest ones are in Eugene and Portland. University of Oregon, here I come!

Final thing on my brain before I go back to reading/procrastinating: I saw a Cardiologist on Monday for some things that have been going on with my heart. At the end of our visit we started talking about school and going into medicine. It was refreshing to hear a doctor say that he loves his job and wouldn’t do anything else. The anesthesiologists were always telling me to run the other way! (And he said if you’re going to be a cardiologist than you should be an interventionalist which is perfect because that was what I wanted to do!) Anyway, the only thing he said he would have changed about his schooling was that he wouldn’t have majored in biology. He said he would have majored in history or something. I find Microbiology fascinating and it is my current major but what he said gave me something new to consider. Maybe there is another major out there that would be interesting to me without me getting burnt out in science? Or perhaps my heart belongs with bacteria and viruses.

Something for me to ponder.

I’ll let you know if I ever come to a conclusion. I know, you’re on the edge of your seat.

That is all. I told you it was unimportant but you just had to keep reading. You only have yourself to blame.



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