No Wonder My Hair Hates Me

I will be the first to acknowledge that this is a pretty narcissistic post… but I’m doing it for ME… which makes it totally not narcissistic, right? RIGHT??

I just wanted to relive all of the torture and horror I’ve put my hair through over the years. I’m sorry hair… I hope the amount of money I’ve spent on shampoo and conditioner in the last 2 years is enough for you to forgive me… and the fact that I’m slowly but surely headed back to my natural color.

So without further ado, I present my hair over the years (who do I think I am??):

Let’s start with the younger years:

Here I was as an ugly little baby with some reddish hair. One of my best looks, I think!

Getting a little cuter! My hair is blonde now (naturally, I didn't start dyeing it THIS young)

More proof that I am in fact a natural blonde.

Now we get into some high school fun:

Still blonde but I was highlighting at the time. And there were 3 of us posing like weirdos in this picture but I cropped Steph and Holly out, out of respect for them. haha

After dyeing my hair dark in high school... next to Haley who has always had fabulous hair!

Right after I graduated high school with my mom at her college graduation. I had lightened the hair at this point.

Post High School:

My scratch-it addiction came with side swept bangs! I don't hate them!

Now THESE side swept bangs were a bit much. (With my precious cousin Holly!)

One of the first times I went REALLY red. My cousin Shelly took this awesome picture.

Not loving this color.... I am loving Jared Leto...

Hair is longer and darker

This was the darkest my hair had ever been at this point! Isn't my Shepherd handsome? He had a dirty nose though.

Chopped it off! Cute at the time but I prefer it long now.

More highlighting. I wish I would have stolen that sign.

The beginning of my BRIGHT RED phase.

Bright red

Even brighter red in the sun (which was shining in beautiful Seattle)

This was my favorite of all of the reds.

Haley assured me this was a good look. I fired her shortly after.

Then, while in my CNA class, my instructor told me that I needed to dye my hair a more natural color. I was devastated at the time but now I’m glad I did or I would have been bright bright red forever! And so (because she told me on a Friday and I had to have it done by Monday) we had to go get a box of REALLY dark color to cover up the crazy red.

I was in shock the first day, it was so dark. But I ended up really liking it when it lightened up a bit.

After it had lightened a bit.

And then the journey back to my natural hair color began after much debate about keeping it dark or going back to blonde.

First round of lightening.

Getting lighter

Hey! It does curl!

Most recent picture. Ignore my angry face... I have no explanation.

And this concludes the most worthless post ever. But I always wanted to go back over my hair transformations. It’s a nice excuse to stare at myself for a long time…………….


Flapper wig!


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