Don’t Question My Football Knowledge… Or My Love of Hair Products

I love football. I could watch it all day, everyday. And I can hold my own in a conversation about football. But there are certain assumptions made when people find out that I’m a football fan.

It’s hard being a fan of an NFL team with a hot quarterback. Really, it is. Regardless of the fact that I was a fan back in the days before Tom Brady- back when picking a team was about which of your dad’s favorite teams had the best colors- people still think I’m a fan because of Tom Brady. Dad is devoted to the Cowboys but was hanging with the Patriots too when Bill Parcells was around, back in my young impressionable days. I used to ask him if the Patriots and Cowboys were to play each other, who would he want to win (before understanding that they wouldn’t play each other every year. haha) and he always picked the Cowboys. I always wanted the Patriots. And here I am, years later, a Patriots fan.

Is it my fault that our quarterback is hot? No. Do I enjoy looking at him? Yes. Is that why I like the Patriots? No.

And I could care less about his hair. The ironic thing is that all sportscasters and men ever want to talk about concerning Tom Brady is his hair. I’m sorry, could you strap on a pair so we can actually talk about his abilities as a quarterback? I don’t watch the NFL Network all day to listen about how long his hair has gotten. (I kind of want to know what shampoo he uses though.) Troy Polamalu’s hair is a different story. It’s just glorious.

So yes, in between shopping, putting on my makeup, reading girly magazines, and studying, I watch and read up on a lot of football. I found it easy to get interested in once I finally figured out what 1st and 10 meant. HAHA.

So if my careers as a doctor, or an FBI agent, or a Forensic Footwear Evidence (HAH) fail, I’ll be a football coach. Because I’m always yelling “CATCH THE BALL!” “BLOCK THAT GUY!” “THROW THE BALL!!!!” when watching games and that’s really all it takes, right? I mean, if they’d just listen to me, they’d win every game.

I look a lot like The Big Tuna when I'm watching football.


About Katie

I love football, fashion, burritos, music, Star Wars, and shopping.
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