Don’t Judge Me By My Book’s Cover

I remember now how much I used to love libraries. Today I was wandering through the OSU library and wandered for so long that I was late to class. There’s just something about shelves and shelves and shelves of books! Books about everything. I want to read them all… or almost all of them. I’ll skip the ones on forest soils.

I’ve checked out quite a few books in the last two days. Ever since I graduated high school I’ve been fascinated with the mind of serial killers and the criminal justice system in general. And even though I always wanted to work for the FBI, like Scully (who was a doctor, and that’s what I want to be so maybe I can work for the FBI too!), my fascination with it is more of a hobby than a career choice.

Hence the books I’ve checked out: “The Stranger Beside Me” which is all about Ted Bundy, “How to Choose a Medical Specialty” (the only one that really applies to my future career and is actually VERY useful), “Serial Crime: Theoretical and Practical Issues in Behavioral Profiling”, and “Manufacturing Social Distress: Psychopathy in Everyday Life”. It’s a little different from all of the “Confessions of a Shopaholic” books on my bookshelf back home.

I made a list on the school library’s website so that I know which books I want to check out. I’m pretty sure when they see all of the books on sociopaths they’re going to red flag me. That’s why I named the list “Criminology” and not “How to be…”

Actually, in my Medical Specialty book, they brought to my attention Forensic Psychiatry. So you still go to med school, you’re still an MD but you work in criminal justice. Not in the glamorous* way they show it on TV, but it would still be an interesting way to mix my interests in medicine and criminal justice.

If all else fails, there’s Forensic Footwear Evidence because I also love shoes.

You can’t say I have a narrow range of interests.

*I had to sing the Fergie song in my head to make sure I spelled that right.


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2 Responses to Don’t Judge Me By My Book’s Cover

  1. juliedswearingen says:

    I have not read “Stranger Beside Me” but I ❤ Anne Rule. You have to read "Heart Full of Lies." My aunt's went to school with the one of the main people in the book. (I don't want to give away the story.) Hope school is going well and I am uber-jealous that you get to spend so much time with Haley.

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