I’m returning to my infamous (haha) blog to offer some online shopping tips on Cyber Monday

I’ve been away for awhile… a long while. I said before I have commitment issues and my commitment to this blog is no different. Lately I’ve been spending my time perfecting the art of internet shopping. Now that is something I can commit to. Anywho, I shall proceed.

Cyber Monday… ’tis a silly day. A day where the interwebz stores claim to have amazing deals. It’s their answer to Black Friday. Sure, some of them probably have some awesome deals you can’t get anywhere else. The other sites? You can get better deals on an average day.

I do the majority of shopping online… just ask the UPS man… no really, ask him. I’m pretty sure he thinks there’s something shady going on at the house. It doesn’t help that the blinds are always closed and our three dogs are barking like they’ve gone insane. It also doesn’t help that he stops by at least twice a week.

Here are some online shopping tips
1. If you don’t know the brand you’re going to buy and are unsure about the fit, check the return policy first. If you can get free shipping both ways then it’s worth the gamble. If it’s going to cost you half the price of the sweater to send it back if you don’t like it, then ditch it. You’ll find something better. I promise.
2. Retailmenot is an easy website to get deals from. You just type in the address of the website you’re shopping from and it will give you all of the coupons available.
3. Some sites, like Nordstrom, block user submitted coupons on retailmenot. In that case, just google something like “Nordstrom online promo codes”. Even though there aren’t coupons on Retailmenot, occasionally you can find them elsewhere.

Retailmenot is how I save most of my money while online shopping. Lots of websites will let you stack the coupons too so you could get free shipping and 20% off for example.

Do you know what you want but you don’t know where to look? Try Shopstyle. You can search by category, size, price, color… everything. It links to a ton of online stores to shop from.

But if you find a pair of shoes you really like, check DSW first. They don’t necessarily carry everything but I found a pair of Chinese Laundry sandals on various websites for $99.50 that I loved and when I looked on DSW, they were $69.95. Plus with Retailmenot I ended up saving $20 so I only paid $49.95.

Google is an excellent resource for shopping. If you find something you like, just google the brand and the name of the product and it will list all of the sites that carry it so you can find it cheaper. And don’t rule out Amazon for clothing and shoe purchases. They have a large selection as well as long as you know exactly what you’re looking for. Otherwise they’re a little harder to navigate for the purpose of browsing.

Now, for the mother load. This is where the majority of my money has been going lately: Sample sale websites. How they work: Various brands (such as French Connection, Rock & Republic, BCBG, and more) go on sale for a day or two. The sales start in the morning and things run out fast so you have to grab them as soon as you see them. But we’re talking $250 Rock & Republic jeans for $89. Right now there is a $1,095 Badgley Mischka dress for $125. Crazy sales. You can see what sales are coming up so you know what days to be ready to shop. If you do order from these, pay attention to the expected ship date when you’re ordering. Most of the things I’ve ordered have arrived within a week except for one pair of jeans that took almost 3. But it told me it would take that long before I ordered so there are no surprises.

These sites are by invitation only so if you want to join, click on these links. You will not regret it… unless of course you go broke and end up living in a box under a bridge, in which case, you’ll be the most stylish person that ever lived in a box under a bridge (until I move in next door).

Invitation to Ideeli

Invitation to RueLaLa

Happy shopping…


I have a Christmas party this weekend. This is what I’m wearing:

French Connection

Merry Christmas! I probably won’t see you again for twelve years or so!


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