Let’s Talk About Shoes

We’ll get to something deeper later… when I can think of something deeper. Hey, I talk about what I know. And I know shoes, jeans, beauty products, and heart bypass surgery. And I’ll ease you into the photos of surgery.

I love shoes. I do. I own multiple pairs of black patent leather pumps. Why do I need more than one? I don’t know. I just do. I don’t ask you why you drink so much coffee, do I??
You see, I knew I truly loved my dog when I didn’t get mad at her for chewing up my last pair of boots (besides, it gave me a reason to buy a new pair of boots). I simply accepted that they were gone (okay, maybe it took me 3 weeks to ACTUALLY throw them away) and continued to love my dog. My mom thinks that means I’m ready for children but I’m fairly certain if a child broke my shoes I would sell him/her on ebay.

Way cuter than a kid!

Naughty Monkey is a fun brand if you want something cheap and playful. I bought a really cute pair of Naughty Monkey pumps. The only problem is that they were a 1/2 size too small. Not so small that my foot couldn’t fit in them but small enough that my feet scream at me the entire time I wear them. That’s why I haven’t worn them that often… because my feet can scream really loud and earplugs aren’t pretty.

To be honest, most of the shoes in my closet haven’t been worn often. It’s like all of the beauty products I buy. I buy new shoes but I always end up wearing the few pairs that I really, really love. My BeBe flipflops, Sofft sandals, and my new boots that are new enough that I can’t remember what brand they are… and I’m too lazy to get up and look.
The absolute best place to buy shoes is from Endless. They used to have free overnight shipping. I think it’s free two-night shipping now (except for on new styles) but my last pair of boots still got here in a day. Be careful, that website has a tendency to eat paychecks.

Okay, now kick back. Let’s ooh and ahh at some shoes for awhile.

Got an extra $1,745 laying around? Buy me these?

Giuseppe Zanotti from Neiman Marcus

It’s a little known fact that these are what rich people go snowshoeing in.

$2,095- Christian Louboutin (duh)

These are some pretty little boots. More from Giuseppe Zanotti… you’d think I had a shoe crush or something….

These will cost you $620.

Now, there’s this great little brand on Endless called Michael Antonio. Don’t expect comfort. What you can expect are cheap versions of designer shoes. Such as the Giuseppe’s above… here is the Michael Antonio match.

They come in black. And they're only $96!

More Michael Antonio. These would be fun for a night out… one where you can sit for awhile. Like I said, don’t expect comfort.


Naughty Monkey shoes are always fun. Just makes sure you know your size before you start ordering online. I always have to get a 1/2 size up in these.



Here are some fun Rock & Republic pumps. They’d look great with all kinds of pants! (or skirts and dresses if that’s your style… me, I don’t like when my legs touch)


Umm… please don’t buy these


Okay, we’ll call it good for tonight. If anyone has the urge to buy me any of these except the crocs, I’ll send you my address… unless you want to stalk me, then I’ll need a photo of you first before I decide.


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I love football, fashion, burritos, music, Star Wars, and shopping.
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