Fire! Grab the Pants!

Yesterday we had some pretty intense thunderstorms. We live out in the woods so I’m constantly worried about fires. If I’m the only person home and there’s a thunderstorm, I won’t leave because I want to be there to save the dogs if the house catches on fire. Call me paranoid… because I am.
So yesterday I was sick and lying in bed listening to the thunder. I started thinking about what I would take if the house caught on fire assuming that the rest of my family members are out safe. I thought and thought for awhile but besides my dog, there wasn’t much. I would definitely take my phone and my phone charger and my laptop since all of my music and pictures are on it. But I’m not one to hoard anything besides clothes and beauty products.
But then I realized what I absolutely would not leave without: my pile of jeans. No really, I have a wonderful collection of jeans. It would be a shame to see all of those True Religion, Rock & Republic, and Hudson jeans go up in flames (even though technically my Hudson jeans have already gone up in flames…). In fact, I was so serious about this that I grabbed them all off of my chair where I always throw my clean clothes, folded them, and put them in a pile in the closet so they’d be easy to grab… Because I have priorities.

Seriously, would you let these babies go up in flames??

What would you save?


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I love football, fashion, burritos, music, Star Wars, and shopping.
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